52 Week Money Challenge

Happy New Year! GUESS What? We are doing it again!

It’s called the 52 Week Money Challenge Plan. For example, there are 52 weeks in a year. So each week you deposit the number of the week that we are in a savings account. For example this is the 1st week of 2013, so you will deposit $1.00 into your savings account. Next week will be Week 2, so you will deposit $2, and so on. The biggest amount you will deposit is $52.00 and that will be the very last week of 2014. Now isn’t that simple and easy?! There’s no club to join, no pyramids, meetings, schemes, none of that crap that “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For”! You are investing in yourself! I’m going to do it and I’m excited about. This is the year where we have to put the time and work in so that we can have different results. I don’t want to get to the end of this year and can’t see, feel, or be the change in the words of My Friend LaTrice Pace.

I hope you will join me :-)


DISCLAIMER: I didn’t create this chart, it was the image that was in my news feed, so thank you to whoever drafted this because it serves as a great visual to see the overall idea of the challenge. 

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Kassandra.Moreland stated what inspired her to do this plan: “I am a single parent, and I have worked at my job for 22 years. I just worked 53 hours alone in this payperiod and do this all of the time. I decided that this is the year that I will have something to show for working all of those hours instead of just bills left over at the end of the year.I work better if I am held accountable, even in my personal life, so I decided to see how many of my friends would be honest and say they needed help with a structured savings plan, and even if they don’t would they help me. I had no idea that it wold turn into what it has in just the last two hours.”

I’ve heard from others who have done programs like this for years and it has changed their lives! My thing is we have to break it down where its EASY and not HARD. It has to be something that everyone can do at any level! Now I do understand that some are able to do more and that’s perfectly fine, however the object of this is just to start somewhere. It’s not suppose to be rocket science or to compete with anybody or any other type of program.

Be Blessed…Be Encouraged…Be Inspired…Be The Change! 





30 thoughts on “52 Week Money Challenge

  1. I love the fact that we are not holding this “good thing” to ourselves! Thanks for spreading the word on something God just dropped into my spirit!!!

    Live Blessed!

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  2. What a wonderfully simple way to save! I’ve already share this with many of my friends and everyone is so excited. This is also an excellent way to teach children how to save.

    God’s blessings to you all!


  3. I have shared this wonderful challenge with my colleagues and decided to support each other as a collective body. We are starting TOMORROW and all my family members will be advised of this great idea as well. HOORAY!

  4. I plan to do this…but I think I’m going to start doing it backwards. I will pay myself $52 this week, and go down from there…since at the end of the year, I’m sure I will need extra funds to go toward holiday gifts for my children. But STILL, this is an amazing idea!

  5. Once you break it down, it makes it very easy to engage in this. Me and Azuree will be putting our best foot forward:)

  6. I asked God to help me find a way to get things together and then a friend of mine sent me this saying she could probably do it. The Lord has come through again with a devine plan. I already have my first $1 put aside.

  7. Yes, God does come through for His children. I was wondering how I was going to save some $$, and came across this method. I love it!! I can do this!! So easy and simple. Just my kind of plan. And when I succeed 52 weeks from now, I will give all the honor and glory to my Lord, Jesus Christ. Where there is a will, there is a way!

  8. A friend posted this on facebook..What such a great plan(Challenge) too take. I thank God for this…Me and my husband is taking our own Challenge; and I am passing it along too my children and others.

  9. This is a good challenge….an error is found at week #49…..I am sure is a typo error…but it should not stop anyone#just saying#

  10. I like this concept of SAVINGS ACCOUNTABILITY… It’s an easy challenge that progresses to an EASY CHALLENGE :)
    –I’ve joined in. It’s a good feeling and a blessing to know that you have a financial reward at the end, for all of your hard work and sacrifices.
    Thanks for sharing K, Moreland!

  11. I’m going to do it in reverse: $52, $51 and so on. This means that I’ll have more money faster that will be gaining interest all year. I know savings accounts are not the high-interest treasures they used to be, but every little bit helps!

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